Healing Massage

Another method to face physical, emotional and mental tensions and blockages and to let them dissolve through the touch of my hands and to let the life energy flow (again).

The first part of the session is touching your physical body. Of course this touch also works on the level of the emotional and mental body.
I will invite you especially to feel.
Over time, I will encourage you to express what you experience.
Just like with breathing, this can be an active phase where intense emotions can be expressed, but the course can also be calm.

The third phase is a period of tranquility, insight and integration.
While I keep touching you softly.
You can take it easy in the final phase. The result varies per person and per situation and can be a sense of relief, gratitude, a sense of peace, a deep sense of bliss and commitment to Creation.

Relaxation massage

With this technique you can relax on the couch or mattress and relax completely.
This method also works on a deeper level, but there are no defined phases, we have no goal, we are not working on anything, if something wants to happen, it may be there but nothing is required ………………..