At Ancient mother healing center we help you discover yourself and enable you to overcome life’s obstacles such as addiction, trauma, and anxiety. Freeing you to live a more healthy and balanced life.

We combine the healing properties of medicinal plants with a safe and peaceful environment. Our guides are with you throughout the entire experience to nurture you along your journey. 

At the end of your time with us you will be equipped with the means to make the most of what you have learnt and take it with you into your daily life.

Our mission is to be agile
We know that the journey each person goes through is unique. There is no right or wrong, there are no expected results and we are simply here to facilitate that journey.

Our Mission is to make sure you make the most out of Plant medicine
In our view, two critical points in making the most of plant medicine are the preparation and the aftercare - Our mission is to optimise both.

Our mission is to host the best ceremonies and retreats so you can move forward
We will set the atmosphere of the journey through music and song, help where help is needed, support in difficult times but mainly - let the plant medicine do what it does best - Heal.

Our mission is to change the world
We believe that plant medicine has the power to change the world, and the best way to do that is one person at a time.
Our mission is to allow each and every person to take that unique journey into self improvement at his or her own pace.