Full Moon Ceremony

At every full moon we hold a special ceremony to experience the powerful feminine energy of the moon along with the medicine.

The retreat starts at 16:00

Come and spend this special night with us in our beautiful city center, a stone's throw from Amsterdam. 

Maximum 3 participants.

Price 300 EUR

The retreat is held in a unique place in the middle of nature. Before the ceremony begins, we will receive you on our houseboat. While enjoying a cup of tea, we start with a small introduction round. Afterwards there is room to ask questions and to change clothes.

The ceremony lasts an average of six hours. When this is closed, there is fruit salad and a delicious hot meal prepared by our private chef.

Prior to the retreat we will inform you about the easiest way to get here and if necessary we can pick you up from Amsterdam central station.

The retreat consists of:

  • 1 Ayahuasca ceremonies
  • Meditation session
  • Walking in the nature
  • 1 overnight stay
  • Food and drinks (private chef)
  • telephone integration interview in the week that follows

 300 EURO

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