Private Sessions

If you wish to have a ceremony by yourself, or with your loved ones. You can book a private session. 

Private sessions are held every Tuesday and allow you to enjoy a tailor made experience. 

The retreat starts on in the afternoon. You are asked to be present at 4 pm.

You can choose from a two-day (1 ceremony) or a three-day (2 ceremonies) retreat.

Booking an individual retreat is by appointment. The costs for an individual two-day retreat are € 550,- and for a three-day retreat € 850,- per person.

For couples, the prices for a two-day retreat are € 900 and for a three-day retreat € 1500 (two people).

 The retreat 

we will inform you about the easiest way to get here and if necessary we can pick you up from Amsterdam Central Station.

The retreat consists of:

  • 1 Ayahuasca ceremony
  • Meditation session
  • Share your experience
  • 1 night stay
  • Food and drinks (private chef)
  • Nature walk
  • Integration conversation afterwards

By appointment


2 days - 550 EUR

3 days - 900 EUR

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