Theme Weekend Self Love (women only)

We see that many men and women have issues regarding self-love, self-esteem and living from that source. This is how the idea arose to organize theme weekends where we want to go deeper into this.

To actually experience more love for yourself, participating in a ceremony is not enough. While traveling often deep patterns come to light that hinder our light/love. How do you break through these patterns and how can you embody the love you experience after a ceremony?

This is an in-depth process that requires attention and time so that the insights are put into practice in daily life. What we want to offer is a safe place where we can explore what keeps us from loving ourselves wholeheartedly.

We have developed a program where patterns are broken and self-love is central. During the weekend there will be two ahahuasca ceremonies. In addition, we go for a walk in nature, we meditate together and there is a lot of time to share.

Available dates:

May 26 - 28

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