Weekend Psilohuasca Retreat

The retreat starts Friday afternoon in our Farm House. All participants are asked to be present at 15.00. Maximum group size is 12.


You are expected at 3 pm. While enjoying a cup of tea we will explain some more about the Psilohuasca journey. During all this we make the "Magic Truffle" tea so that we are involved.

After a meditation, we open the ceremony and express our intention. By this we mean what you would like to get out of the trip, expressed in words.

The medicine you will take next consists of an MAO inhibitor, which you take first.

After 15 minutes we drink the 'Magic Truffle' tea.

After you have taken the tea, it will take about 20 minutes for you to start feeling sensations in your body and then slowly roll into your journey.

After an hour we zoom in and it is possible to drink some more tea. Tolerance can vary from person to person.

In total the journey will take about 6 hours, you will experience a feeling of timelessness.

At the end we will spoil you with fresh fruit salad and a hot meal prepared by our private chef. After sleeping we will have another extensive breakfast and there will be an opportunity to share.

Before the retreat we will inform you about the easiest way to get here and if necessary we can pick you up from Rotterdam Central Station.

The retreat contains at least

  • 2 Psilohuasca ceremonies
  • Meditation sessions
  • Sharing circle around the fire
  • Nature walks
  • Overnight stays
  • Food and drinks
  • Telephone integration interview in the week that follows
  • Groupsize 12

Price: 600 EUR

Available Dates

September 15 - 17

October 6 - 8

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